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emersontheatre playmaking project

In my first year of graduate school at Emerson College, I assisted Professor Bethany Nelson with her EmersonTHEATRE Playmaking Project, working with Boston area high school and college students to develop and perform original pieces through playmaking focused on issues that affect their lives. Neither rain nor heat nor snowstorm nor gloom of early morning could keep me from commuting down to Boston from Portland every Saturday morning for this powerful, meaningful, inspirational program.

The EmersonTHEATRE Playmaking Project (ETPP) has three main goals:

  1. to provide an enriched educational experience designed to promote critical thinking and the development of life skills in the areas of leadership, advocacy, public speaking, and literacy

  2. to develop students’ voices and theatre/performance skills

  3. to encourage students to explore material and social circumstances which constrain their futures and consider their roles as change agents in those dynamics.

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