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“My daughter is a freshman and has disabilities in the areas of cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.  Ms. Pillsbury has worked very hard with her both as a classroom teacher and making her feel successful in the spring musical.  She never once shied away from my daughter's disability but found ways to make many and successful modifications for her.

My daughter has been looking forward to participating in drama since middle school in a small rural VA school.  Ms. Pillsbury has made her dreams come true and has made her feel very good about herself which is a difficult thing for young girls with disabilities.”


-Kennebunk High School parent


"Ms. Pillsbury is a teacher who ignites imagination and instills a love of learning. A teacher who taught us the techniques, but also listened to our voice."

-Husna, age 17

"“Working with Marianne was a wonderful experience, she always made me feel heard and respected...I felt like a valued and equal contributor. Her material was always inspirational and her led-discussions always open-ended and diverse in their subjects. I LOVE working with Marianne!!!”"

-Mae, age 16


"Our son is a freshman with autism who has benefited greatly from Ms. Pillsbury’s thoughtful approach to inclusion. Ms. Pillsbury's genuine interest to include students with special needs is extraordinary. Her thoughtfulness in this area is an important aspect to ensure all are welcome to her curriculum. Our son helped with set building for one production, Into the Woods, and is currently participating in Unified Theater. Ms. Pillsbury is the first teacher, in our son’s ten years in the District, to invite him to participate in an after school activity other than Unified Basketball (an established nationwide program). Another example of Ms. Pillsbury’s passion for all students was her idea to have a sensory friendly showing of Into the Woods."

-Kennebunk High School parents

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